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Alabama Forest has been processing Hickory BBQ wood/Firewood since 1993. What started as a means to market Hickory pulpwood that was remaining on tracts of timber has become a separate and major sales area. Since purchasing our first processing mill we have sold wood to hundreds of retail accounts and thousands of residential customers. Currently, we maintain a commercial customer base of 80 to 100 restaurants that use our wood for cooking BBQ, fish, chicken, steaks and even pizza.

Each commercial customer has different needs, whether a very green wood (high moisture content) is needed for BBQ smoking or very dry wood (low moisture content) is needed for pizza. With lengths of wood from 16 inches to 24 inches and split sizes producing sticks that weigh from 2 pounds to 75 pounds (thatís big!) we strive to provide each commercial customer with their own customized product.


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Pricing is based by the ton for wood that is picked at our Pelham, AL facility. Seasoned (dry) wood costs more per ton because it takes more pieces of wood to weigh a ton.

We deliver around 95% of our own wood. We deliver in volume by means of dump trucks and palletized van loads.

We also sell burlap bags of hickory chunks for smokers and burlap bags of hickory woodchips for starting fires without the use of chemicals.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us and inquire about our guarantee. Our goal is to provide a quality product to satisfied customers who will then recommend us to their business associates and friends.


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